October 2019 – 5 Weeks Residency Program & Workshop

October 2019 – 5 Weeks Residency Program & Workshop

October 2019 – 5 Weeks Residency Program & Workshop

We at Raghurajpur, Odisha, India will start this Multi Program Workshop from October 2019. The Program consists of many Cultural Workshops, Dance Workshops & Painting Workshops. The details of the Workshops can be informed to the interested Student on email.



About the Programme

Program schedule for October 2019

16th October 2019 : Welcome Ceremony
17th Oct. to 22th Oct. : Workshops Starts
23rd Oct. 2019 : Holiday (May go for Sight Seeing)

24th Oct. to 29th Oct. : Workshops
30th Oct. 2019 : Holiday (May go for Sight Seeing)

31st Oct. to 5th Nov. : Workshops
6th Nov. 2019 : Holiday (May go for Sight Seeing)

7th Nov. to 12th Nov. : Workshops
13th Nov. 2019 : Holiday (May go for Sight Seeing)

14th Nov. to 18th Oct. : Workshops
19th November 2019 : Closing Ceremony with Photo Session


Artists & Residents can choose from the following

Dance Workshops
Odissi Dance Workshop, Paika Akhada Dance Workshop, Gotipua Dance Worskshop, Naga Dance, Durga Dance, Horse Dance (Chaiti Ghoda), Fire Dance workshop.

Painting Workshops
Pattachitra Paintings Workshop, Tassar Painting workshop

Crafts Workshops

Ganjapa Card making workshop, Paper Mache (Mask making) workshop, Cow Dung Toys Workshop

Carving & Engraving
Stone carving workshop, Palm Leaf Engraving workshop, Wood Carving, Dhokra Casting workshop



Artists, Dancers, Thinkers of all levels are eligible

Accommodation Details


Raghurajpur is a tropical location near Puri and 19 degrees above the equator. Temperature, last year in 2017 the average temperature highs were 30-35 C (86-95 F) and the lows were 15-22C (59-71F). You’ll want lighter weight full coverage fabrics.

Food/ Drink:

Meals will be vegetarian with the occasional fish. You will be served by a member of the residency , with the exception of festival days in which you will be invited to eat as a group with the community.

Studio Space- You will have class-room space. You may use this as personal studio space or you may choose to work in any of the collective spaces in the village OR larger space can be made available to you- the general rule is to ask for what you need.


Will be done for you, by a resident chef

Meals are served 9am, 1pm, and 7-9pm

If you do not want a meal, simply inform staff that you will be skipping

Kitchen is locked when not used by staff to protect items there


Traditional beds are twin size bed padding laid across a basic wooden frame or laid directly on the floor. Residents may wish consider brining an air mattress, if they prefer thicker padding, however it is traditional in this area to sleep directly on the floor or on small pads, its much cooler with thinner pads.


You will have access to both western style and India style toilets

You will have access to showers; most people prefer cool showers as the climate is very warm- hot water can be made available upon request.

Living spaces are not air conditioned or heated. In February temperatures are between 86F to 96F at the warmest and 50F-60F at the coolest in the evening.


5 Weeks Programme,  starting 1st October 2019.


$ 300 per week
Includes workshops, studio space, shared room/bedding, shared restroom, and 3 meals a day, supplies to be used during the workshops.
Does Not Include: getting to the village or personal expenses, any additional art supplies you might need.
Does Not Include : Any expenses for sightseeing outside Raghurajpur.

100% Funds for the residency directly benefit the artists and workers of Raghurjapur.

Artist participating in the residency are welcome to bring and live with family members. A family fee for housing and food is $500 (2 adults 1 child or one adult 2 children)- this includes the residency fee paid by the artist.


Apply before August 2019

Our Support

Request to contact us for your requirement and help.

Contact Co-ordinators at Raghurajpur, Odisha, India

Mr. Sudarshan Swain
Phone no. : (+91) 9937618379
Email : sudarshanswain@kiarindia.com
Mr. Raghunath Das
Phone no. : (+91) 7873151533
Email : raghunathdas@kiarindia.com
Opening Hours:
Mom – Sat : 8:00-19:00 (IST)
Sunday : 8:00-14:00 (IST)

International Co-ordinator
Emily Schuhmann
Phone no.: (011) 5025095809
Email : international.coordinator.kiar@gmail.com

Opening Hours:
Mom – Sat : 8:00-19:00 (EST)
Sunday : 8:00-14:00 (EST)


Enquiry for Workshops