Dances in Odisha has its origin in the temples, the rhythm, the bhangis and mudras used in Dances have a distinctive quality of their own. Some dances originated in the mock fights of the Oriya paikas (warriors) who fought rhythmically to the accompaniment of indigenous music instruments. Some Dances actual form of the dance is executed by a group of boys who perform acrobatic figures and Known as Gotipua dance.

Odishi Dance

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GotiPua dance

Gotipua Dance is performed by young boys only, who impersonate as females for the performance. They display the art of Goti Pua, to please the local God Jagannath, who is an incarnation of Lord Krishna. It is basically an acrobatic style of dancing by the young boys.

Boys let their hair grow, in order to knot it for the dance performance. Flowers adorn the bun of hair that the boys beautifully make up. Their faces are painted with white and red powder to lighten their complexion. Kajal is used generously to accentuate the eyes of the performers.

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Naga Dance

Naga DanceNaga DanceNaga DanceNaga DanceNaga Dance

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Durga Dance

Durga DanceDurga DanceDurga Dance

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Ganjapa Dance

Ganjapa DanceGanjapa DanceGanjapa Dance

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Horse Dance (Chaiti Ghoda)

Horse Dance (Chaiti Ghoda)Horse Dance (Chaiti Ghoda)Horse Dance (Chaiti Ghoda)Horse Dance (Chaiti Ghoda)

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Fire Dance (Paika Akhada)

Fire Dance (Paika Akhada)Fire Dance (Paika Akhada)Fire Dance (Paika Akhada)Fire Dance (Paika Akhada)

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