About Us

Kalakhetra International Artist Residency (Perform Odisha)  is an interactive and immersive program where artists live along side village artists/craft people. During the residency artists will have the opportunity to learn a variety of arts and crafts in the form of Patachitra, Tassar painting, Palm Leaf Engraving , Paper Mache , Cow Dung Toys , Dhokara Casting (Brass casting), Stone Carving, Wood Carving, Patch Work (Modern Applique), Ganjapa Playing Cards, Coir Toys and Teracotta.
There is also shared studio space for artists to make their own work outside of the offered workshops/programs.

Kalakhetra Internataional Artist’s Residency is an artist run residency that seeks to bring western and other international artists into collaboration and exchange with the visual artists of Raghurajpur, a cultural village in Odisha, (Orissa) India.

Living in the village gives artists direct access to many of the rich and inspiring cultural events which occur throughout India- artists will see Idols being built and enjoyed in celebrations, can take part in community meals, and can enjoy dancing and other community programs.

Kalakhetra provides local accommodations, food and instructors to participants.
Our main program is 5 weeks long from 1st February to March 7th 2019.

We are accepting applications for the 5 week group residency from now until December 16th.

We also offer a create your own residency Program for any time of year for any duration.
It is possible to visit solo or in a small group during the rest of the year and to customize the program and instruction you wish to receive while in the village.

Staff for the program consist of two village artists:
Sundarshan Swain (Master Stone Carver) and
Raghunath (Choi) Das (Master Palm Leaf Carver) ,

International Coordinator :
Emily Schuhmann (Metalsmith and Adjunct Professor)

As a working international collaboration, the program blends local workshops arranged by Sundarshan and Choi with excursions, traditional studio time, and critiques/conversations arranged by Emily.